The Museum of Modern Art in Opole

by on January 7, 2011

Recently we took part in a competition for the extension and adaptation of the Museum of Modern Art in Opole, Poland (Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej w Opolu). Opole is a medium sized city in the south-western part of Poland, where Jacek and I were attending high school. So it was very exciting for us to take part in this competition and design a building in the context we know so well.

We proposed a simple building which, together with the existing part of gallery and the theater, creates a closed courtyard. We found the relation with the courtyard very important, so we decided to open the facades towards the courtyard and visually connect inside and outside space. We designed the building in the way to create an interesting and adventurous path of visiting which leads you through the whole gallery and the exposition. The outside shape of the building shows this movement. We also decided to use the roof of the existing part of the gallery as an outside exposition space.

Museum Modern Art | Opole | GROUP A | panels

There were 148 offices registered for the competition and 59 projects were submitted – which is quite a lot! Unfortunately our project was not selected…

You can check out the winning projects on the museum website, or on this Polish competition website…both in Polish 

During the Christmas holidays we went to Poland and we also had the opportunity to visit the competition exposition and attend in the discussion with the competition jury and other architects. We had also a chance to see more projects, not only the winners, and have a closer look at them.

Museum of Modern Art | Opole | Exhibition

I personally like the entry which got an honourable mention, designed by Adam Zwierzyński, Anna Porębska and Marcin Kruszyński. It is a very interesting solution with double leveled courtyard which adds an extra quality to the courtyard itself and also enables better use of the underground parts of the gallery.

Museum of Modern Art | Opole | Honourable Mention 1

The most eye-catching project with very beautiful panels was for me the one designed by UCEES (whom also received an honourable mention). All four panels together are one big rendering and the rest of the drawings – such as plans, sections, elevations and additional renderings – are placed on this big rendering working as a background. A nice idea for presenting a project!

Museum of Modern Art | Opole | Honourable Mention 2

It was a good experience for us and although we didn’t win we are happy with our project. We gained experience and we learnt as well. We look forward to another interesting competition!

Polish architect Anna Szczegielniak works at GROUP A, and was part of the team for our competition entry for the Museum of Modern Art in Opole, together with Janneke van der Velden and Jacek Szczegielniak.

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