The Chapel by Patryk Kizny

by on February 11, 2011

Recently, surfing on the internet I have found an absolutely amazing and beautiful short movie about an old, abandoned and ruined church in Żeliszów, in Poland. The movie called “The Chapel” was made by a young Polish artist – Patryk Kizny. It is very interesting from a technical point of view, because this movie was created from many pictures taken in a special technique called HDR. The effect is awesome and looks almost like an animation:

And also check out the making of:

The movie also drew my attention to this extraordinary church. Although I come from Poland I have never heard of this church. So I did some research about it. This wooden church with oval-shaped plan is a protestant temple in Żeliszów, south-western Poland. It was designed by German architect Karl Gotthard Langhans (who also design The Brandenburger Gate in Berlin), and was built in 1796-1797. Once beautiful and richly equiped with wooden benches for 4000 people, a baptistery, cut glass chandeliers and an altar, it used for the last time probably before the second World War, and is now compeletly destroyed, ruined and empty.

After the war, all the German inhabitants left the village and Polish people from east were resettled in this area. The former German inhabitants were mainly protestant, the new Polish mainly catholic. Some of them didn’t agree to consecrate the church for the catholic service, so it was left empty and unused. During the years it was robbed many times and without proper maintenance felt into disrepair. It was registered as a historic monument in 2006, but there is still no idea what to do with it and, above all, no money for that.

I was very moved and upset by the sad story and wanted to share it with you. There is probably more places like that, forgotten and neglected by everybody, which should get their attention and proper treatment.

You can read more about the history of the church here (unfortunately only in Polish).

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Rookje Meijerink February 11, 2011 at 2:48 pm

Cool! Reminds me a bit of these photo’s of Detroit, but with a much more layered history:


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