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by Rosanne van Tilburg on May 10, 2011

Imagine you have only 20 times 20 seconds to present your project or idea, to impress the audience, make yourself clear and interesting.



This is exactly the idea of Pecha Kucha presentations. You are allowed to show 20 slides and each slide can be shown for 20 seconds. I find it always very inspiring and sometimes also funny. During the evening there are several people presenting their ideas, so when the topic is not interesting you only need to wait 6 min 40 sec and the next person will come with something completely different. If the topic is interesting then in this short time you of course don’t get all the information you would like to get – so it inspires you to look for some more by yourself.

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to join another edition of Pecha Kucha in Rotterdam. This time it was special because it was to collect money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

One of the presenters was Yuki Ueso student from Piet Zwart Institute, she has designed a new type of harp “DNA HARP”. And for her studies she also shot a movie in the tower of GROUP A building. You can remember her because we already blogged about that.

Among the twelve speakers from the Tuesday evening was also Tanja Deman whose work caught my attention. She is a visual artist and creates very poetic photo collages. She uses pictures from different, real places, for example from Rotterdam, to create her unreal, dreamy collages with specific, almost meditative atmosphere.

"Dam", Tanja Deman, www. tanja-deman.com

Another presenter that I wanted to mention was Maki Ueda. She is an extraordinary artist that works with a specific media – smell. With her unique combination of chemical and kitchen skills she can create smells of daily life, food, space, body scent etc. She is creating very abstract scents that reminde you of certain feelings or moods. Eg. scent of perfect Japanese woman or scent of Holland. Maki Ueda reminded me of the main character from the Tom Tykwer’s film “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” based on the novel with the same title written by Patrick Süskind. If that sounds intriguing for you, have a look at the webpage of the artist.

See the site of Pecha Kucha for the list of all speakers from the evening and info about the coming Pecha Kucha events in the Netherlands.

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