Learning to speak Dutch

by Gabrielius Varnelius on April 10, 2015

GROUP A is a tolerant office that highly appreciates international designers from all over the world. We believe that incorporating diverse-minded people can help us to expand our horizons and improve. This strongly affects the way we communicate and reveals how difficult it can be to integrate into Dutch culture. Therefore, among the daily tasks we provide the possibility to learn “Nederlands” for various employees from Portugal, Greece, Italy, Germany, India, Iran and Lithuania.

Nederlands in gang_web

In the domestic life of the office or with a help of professional teacher it becomes much easier to grasp the true use of Dutch language. “Het is Moeilijk, maar goed te doen” (It is difficult but worth it) says the dutch teacher Reinier Parengkuan to his students.

Reinier Parengkuan_web

He explains that by being able to understand the basics we can  trigger the enthusiasm to learn further.In return we become more integrated in the office. Naturally, it generates the opportunity to share the knowledge about various languages, cultures and their differences.

Durring the class_web

Here is something you can learn from our employees. Kunt u het begrijpen?

Lithuanian “Išmoktų užsienio kalbų ant pečių nenešiosi.” (You won’t have to carry the languages that you learn on your shoulders)
Portuguese “GROUP A é mais do que um atelier de arquitectura, é uma família !” (GROUP A is more than an architecture studio, it’s a family!)
Farsi (You cannot gain the treasure if you don’t work hard (No pain, No Gain) Oh Brother – the one who worked got rewarded)

نابرده رنج ، گنج، میسّر نمی شود
مزد آن گرفت ـ جان برادر ـ که کار کرد

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Herre Steegenga September 19, 2015 at 9:57 am

Having worked in multinational companies I can only agree that an opening -up of your horizon enriches you,


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