Theory vs practice – a masonry workshop

by Rosanne van Tilburg on February 28, 2011

On Monday the 21th of february the team of GROUP A involved in the CEC in De Bilt was invited to participate in a one-day masonry workshop at the Beamix-factory in Eindhoven. The producer of different types of mortar also educates masons. For a great part of the team it was a first-time experience. After a short presentation informing us about the history and products of the company, we started by preparing and levelling the vertical profiles for layering the bricks. The next step was mixing the dry mortar with water in the right proportion after which the hard work of placing the bricks started. It seems unbelievable that professional masons reach a production of 1000 to 1200 bricks a day! After cleaning our 10-layer brick wall of overflowing material the finishing touch was to place the seams with special mortar. Several types of seams were used for creating different looks of the final wall.

GROUP A | masonry workshop |CEC team 2

The workshop provided a new sense of consciousness in several aspects of the materials and methods used for the project. We would like to thank Weber-Beamix and Lucassen for this experience.

GROUP A | masonry workshop |CEC team 1

Raul Wallaart is a free-lance architect working for GROUP A on the project the Renovation of the Metro Oostlijn Amsterdam. The opportunity to take part in this workshop was brought to our attention by brickfactory Lucassen

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