AkzoNobel Center & Art Space: A working environment that embodies the company’s core principles

by Lolke Ket on February 26, 2016

groupa-AkzoNobel-Center_exterior-facadeA harmonious open building
With its new offices and Art Space now operational for almost eight weeks, the AkzoNobel Center has already proven to be a working environment that embodies the company’s core principles and ambitions: a harmonious open building that, through its refinement, modesty and integration of art, radiates a natural and sustainable style. The strikingly stratified façade catches one’s eye immediately – a design feature that defines the appearance. The exterior consists of a combination of a glass multi-skinned façade and timber structural elements, whereby the use of different types of glass creates a dynamic and sophisticated interplay of light and reflection.

groupa-AkzoNobel-Center_interior-art-space-3lGround floor has unique public function
In order to enhance the accessibility and liveability of the office environment along the Zuidas, GROUP A has made a design that gives the ground floor a unique public function, while at the same time provides a natural transition with the adjacent square. It is here where the AkzoNobel Art Foundation international collection will be shown to a wide cross-section of the public.

groupa-AkzoNobel-Center_interior-art-spaceIntensive cooperation
The AkzoNobel Essential Art Space, where the AkzoNobel Art Foundation international collection will be shown by means of changing exhibitions. This Art Space was created through intensive cooperation between Hester Alberdingk Thijm, Director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation, Tom Postma Design and Folkert van Hagen of GROUP A


groupa-AkzoNobel-Center_interior-atrium-colorsArchitecture and art form a real symbiosis
The use of colour on the floors is concentrated around the atrium, the beating heart of each floor. Items from the AkzoNobel art collection are also on show all over the building, well-lit and presented on bespoke walls. Architecture and art form a real symbiosis here. The colours change from the centre into the wings with every floor having its own colour theme, creating a vertical colour spectrum.This bright colour palette, which can also be seen at a distance from the motorway or a passing train, is a subtle reference to occupant AkzoNobel.

groupa-AkzoNobel-Center_exteriorPhotos: Frank Hanswijk

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