AkzoNobel Center reached topping-out

by Frank Deltrap on November 24, 2014

Recently the new Global Center for AkzoNobel, located on the Amsterdam Zuidas, has reached the point of topping-out. The transparent and dynamically shaped 10-storey building with its layered glass facade, provides a warm and rich appearance.

01-AkzoNobel-_GROUP A_Parkgevel-totaalWith the main structure completed, fixing the cladding has started. Already, the envisaged transparency and maximum daylight penetration is clearly visible, with the white vertical line-pattern in the facade enhancing the experience.

02-AkzoNobel_GROUP A_parkgevel-detailAfter completion the transparent and layered facade will be accentuated even more by the way the second skin will be materialised. Subtle detailed brackets will support this outer skin, with aluminum fittings securing the timber structure of the facade.

03-AkzoNobel_GROUP A_inhijsen-gevelelementAs the physical room to manouvre is restricted, the order in which the construction of the facade takes place will be critical.

04-AkzoNobel_GROUP A_voorzijde-totaalEven without cladding, the front wedge appears already sharp and prominent. Although the picture does not show the envisaged inclination of the facade, one can already feel it.

05-AkzoNobel_GROUP A_atrium-detailThe outline of the atrium facade starts to become more and more visible as work progresses. Two intertwined atria function as the backbone of the building. One of the atria stretches out across the public space on the ground floor, the semi-public first floor and the second floor with its meeting and congress facilities, serves as the ‘epicentre’ for AkzoNobel and is connected to the office floors by means of a second atrium.

06-AkzoNobel_GROUP A_Akzo-PlazaThe huge steel winding staircase, which connects the ground floor and semi public floor, awaits finishing. As the staircase was too big for full prefab, it had to be built up on site from various parts; first bolted and afterwards welded together.

The design by GROUP A for the exterior and the interior of the AkzoNobel Center has to meet high logistical demands because it has to play different roles on different levels. Varying from the large-scale urban level of the buildings’ context to the small-scale, detailed level of its interior. It will be playing a key role in the development of the Beethoven area on the Zuidas. At the same time it is also part of the greater Zuidas, and has to represent the profile of the company amongst the other head offices in the area. To reach a high level of sustainability the available space is used intensively, the building has a low energy output and the offices provide a healthy environment.

Photos: Frank Hanswijk

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andrea giannotti April 15, 2015 at 4:50 am

great to see it in construction!
would like to see some pictures of the auditorium (is it still there?)
congratulations, and greetings to everybody from Beijing.


Rosanne van Tilburg May 22, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Hi Andrea,
First of all, thanks for the congratulations.
And yes the auditorium is still in it.
As soon we’ve photos of the inside we share them on our website or in a post!!


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