Completion offices Blaak 8 Rotterdam

by Rosanne van Tilburg on September 17, 2012

Recently the new office building Blaak 8 in the center of Rotterdam was completed, after which the organisation of Stedin has moved into the premises. Commissioned by real-estate developer Blauwhoed, GROUP A has in collaboration with Dreissen architects designed the building.

Offices Blaak 8 in Rotterdam photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

Massing and Program
This prominent and dynamic area along the Blaak in Rotterdam, has long been a wide gap in the urban fabric. The location has an illustrious history where much has changed and for which various proposals have been put forward following the demolition of the original railway bridge and trainstation Rotterdam Blaak. 

Both the restricted building footprint, as well as the comprehensive office program, have dictated an urban mass firmly anchored in the urban fabric of the Rotterdam Laurenskwartier; conditions that have resulted in a powerful and compact 70 meter high building, comprising 22,500 m² floor area. A range of sustainable measures has provided the building a Greencalc+, A-label. 

Facade offices Blaak 8 Rotterdam photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

The structure of a tree with its natural constructional logic, has been the inspiration for the facade design. At the top, where the forces are relatively small, the tree exists of thin twigs. At the bottom, where the forces from the entire crown come together and must be carried, the trunk of the tree looks broad and strong. It is this natural structure that has served as inspiration for the load-bearing facade of Blaak 8.

Prefab facade elements
Despite the wide variety of facade fragments as a result of the irregular shape of the ‘tree structure’, Group A has been able to minimise the number of elements. The smart use of a limited number of molds (7 window-options and 1 closed part) in the base-production mold of 7,20 m, provided a feasible and financially viable facade. Different concrete finishes enrich the way the building presents itself, depending on the ever changing light, weather conditions and season of the year.

Detail entrance offices Blaak 8 photo: Ossip van Duivenbode




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