Cooperative solar panels on CaballeroFabriek

by Rosanne van Tilburg on February 19, 2013

The substantial amount of 1,040 solar panels will soon be placed on the roof of the CaballeroFabriek in the Hague. Both individuals and companies can buy into the cooperation, therby jointly owning the solar roof-park.

groupa | caballerofabriek | Den Haag

The CaballeroFabriek is a former cigarette factory which now serves as a business center, housing many creative and innovative small businesses. The municipality of The Hague is the owner and landlord for the fully refurbished and redeveloped historic building.

The solar roof-park concept was conceived and implemented by Solar Green Point, a company with the ambition to establish at least 50 cooperative solar parks in The Netherlands over the coming five years. Solar Green Point will provide the full package of inplementation, maintenance and management. Participants acquire one or more solar panels, and jointly own the cooperation. Energy generated by the cooperation will be deducted by the power company from their own use.

The production of solar panels has started earlier this year at Solar Park CabFab. Solar Greenpoint envisages to be around 30 percent cheaper than comparable individual solar panelssystems in the market.

Video of opening November 2012 of Solar Greenpoint by aldermen Baldewsingh (sustainability) and Smit (Binckhorst).


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