Experiencing the real; a trip to 3 inspiring projects.

by Rosanne van Tilburg on June 10, 2011

A couple of weeks a go both the offices of Bekkering Adams Architecten and GROUP A teamed up for an office-excursion-day. Later that day also the team of Cordeel (Contractor BP-project) joined the group for the visit of the third project and the diner appointment.

Under a sunny sky, the day started with a visit to the headquarters for Esprit which is next to the highway A9 in Amstelveen. This project by Bekkering Adams Architecten covers a parking, restaurant, showrooms and offices for the employees of the German brand. It was completed in September 2010. A nice detail we saw on the facade, where the perforated steel cladding wears a fiber-like pattern referring to the core-business of the company: clothes.

After receiving our traditional but richly filled paper lunch bag, we headed for our next stop, the Blaak 8 office tower in the center of Rotterdam. The GROUP A-team for this project and for this occasion extended with Paul Korthagen of IMd (structural-engineer) proudly gave a presentation about the complexity of the structural system which is integrated in the forest-like pattern of the facade. Various layers of detail in texture and material give the facade an exciting appearance which reads differently depending on your distance to the building. This urban area is marked by different construction sites surrounding the building. Next to a nice overview on the area the upper levels also give a breathtaking perspective on Rotterdam.

Blaak 8 Rotterdam as cut-out (previous post)

Last but not least, we drove to the end of Rotterdam, to visit the BP refinery offices. While approaching the refinery the building rises suddenly from the natural landscape in contrast to the high technical surroundings. Inside, the breathtaking ‘canyon’, covered with countless wooden boards, guides you through the building. According to BP’s safety regulation the building is fully equipped with emergency room and blast proof facades. Read more about the project on our company website or the several posts which appeared on this pages.

Making a hill for the BP office  (previous post)

Finally we ended up back in the office and had diner, drinks and dj with the complete group. After the dancing floor got wet and the bottles ran dry, we returned fulfilled to our houses, thinking about what we all work so hard for: inspiring and ambitious projects, which fit the users needs.

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