Glimpse layered double façade AkzoNobel Global Centre

by Frank Deltrap on June 2, 2015

The exterior of the AkzoNobel Global Centre along the Zuidas Amsterdam is almost reaching its completion. By the beginning of August the casco will be ready for construction of the interior fit-out, also designed by GROUP A.

The images below, recently taken by Frank Hanswijk and Frank Deltrap (GROUP A), shows the richly detailed layered double façade.


Large parts of the façade of AkzoNobel Global Centre have reached completion. One can clearly see the gradient in colour of the wooden facade now.


These details give a glimpse of the layered double facade.


This layered façade is even more apparent seen from the inside.


The plinth consists of a huge wooden glass facade. The sloping canopy of the park side entrance is visible here.


The entrance building to the parking is a combination of functional element and an artwork.


A lot of people are working hard to finish the interior too.


To fix the ceiling and balustrades of the atrium this colossal scaffolding had to be placed. It’s almost a piece of art itself.

10-GROUP A_AkzoNobel Center

The ground floor atrium starts to take on its final form. The shape of the auditorium is already visible and they started finishing the steel winding stair.

Photos: Frank Hanswijk (1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) and GROUP A (3, 4, 7)


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