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by Rosanne van Tilburg on March 15, 2011

Metro movies

As you probably already know, we have been working on a renovation of Amsterdam metro for some time. To help us get in the mood and to look for some inspiration we organised metro movie evenings. We have searched for movies that are about metro, are shot in metro or are connected with metro in any other way. The very special atmosphere of underground corridors has inspired many directors and there are numerous, very different movies happening in metro.

So far we have seen three movies:

Kontroll 2003

director: Nimród Antal

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This is Hungarian movie about ticket controlers in Budapest metro. It is sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic and sometimes mysterious story of people, who spend most of their time underground. It is interestiing to observe people’s behaviour in such closed, claustrophobic environment. We really enjoyed the scene when there is a masquerade party in the metro corridors – what an extraordinary idea!

Subway 1985

director: Luc Besson

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“Subway” is a French movie, about a group of people living in metro, this time in Paris. One day the main character steals some documents which belong to a rich woman. He hides in the metro and tries to blackmail her, and that starts the whole story.

Dark Days 2000

director: Marc Singer

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This is the last movie, which we have seen last Monday. It is a documentary about homeless people living in abandoned tunnel in New York metro, in so called Freedom Tunnel. They have created the whole living environment there – they built their houses, they have dogs, hobbies, rules…

More information about Freedom Tunnel you can find here:

Perhaps after this short description you would also like to see some of those movies, or maybe you know other metro connected movies, that are worth seeing? Let us know!

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