Honours students fighting ‘yellow’

by Lolke Ket on June 15, 2017

LearningLab TU Delft, image by GROUP A


Participating in a Honours study project, a team of eight students representing the faculties Architecture, Civil Engineering and Industrial Design at the Technical University Delft, have developed and designed a Light Experience Lab to be used by students, staff and invitees. The lab has been customised to fit a key room in the new LearningLab, a facility currently under construction.

Under supervision of GROUP A, students have studied the characteristics of light in general and its practical applications, before entering into the design of the Light Experience Lab. Supporting lectures and workshops on the subject were provided by Sylvia Pont (professor at the Perceptual Intelligence lab, ID Delft) and Sjoerd van Beers (Beersnielsen light designers).

Truss down 1 meter All down


Although earmarked as a Honours project, it has been right from the start the intention of students and mentors to actually implement the Light Experience Lab design into the completed LearningLab. A discussion currently going on.

Presentation students at GROUP A offices


LearningLab is a new built facility currently under construction, providing TUD staff with an interactive and flexible working environment in which new teaching methods and programs can be experimented with, developed further and thoroughly tested. GROUP A has been commissioned to design the new Learning Lab, following an architects selection.

LearningLab under construction May 2017
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