Refurbishment ‘De Schelde’ offices Damen

by Rosanne van Tilburg on June 28, 2013

Refurbishment and renovation head-office ‘De Schelde’ of Damen Shipyard Group

GROUP A has recently been selected for the refurbishment and renovation of the interior of the head-office ‘De Schelde’ of the Damen Shipyard Group. The phased delivery of the project will be carried out in a Design&Build partnership with Cordeel Netherlands.

The office building, ‘De Schelde’, a national monument dating from 1913, was designed by J.P. Stok for the Royal Company De Schelde but has been used by Damen for a number of years. The original design for this head-office was based on the architectural language of the American industrial design principles combined with predominantly European detailing. Over the years many alterations to the building, mainly in the nineteen eighties, have made the original architecture difficult to read.

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To start with GROUP A adapted the building’s security and climate control systems to modern day comforts. Subsequently, GROUP A reinstated key monumental elements by removing later additions, hereby creating a much more pure and clearly defined interior.  Reinstated monumental elements include the spacious entrance hall, the circular stairway and impressive atrium roof. At the same time new contemporary elements are introduced supporting the strong corporate identity through use of patterns, colors and materials, and with a strong reference to the classical characteristics still present.

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The office building of Damen consists of three volumes: the main entrance building with its large atrium and reception, the office building situated at the rear of the main building, and the extension from the nineteen eighties. At ground floor level the old building is connected with the extension. The ‘Schelde’ building is laid out in a rectangular shape and has a monumental front facade with a decoratively designed entrance.

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GROUP A’s proposal fortifies the central atrium’s function as the beating heart of the complex. A newly designed stalwart looking reception-desk together with a reading table mudulate the atrium space and guide the visitor towards a new restaurant. The original balustrades and atrium facades have been partially removed. New balustrades and window-frames are carefully being adapted to the monument. The atrium roof will also be renovated and will adhere to the monument much more authentically. At a later stage the office floors will be fully renovated and will be adapted to modern day standards of comfort.

groupa | damen | de-schelde | trappenhuis | vlissingen

The current connection between the monument and the modern day expansion will be renewed and extended. The connection now only serves the ground floor, while being the entrance for the employees. A new stairwell will connect the upper floors in the future as well improving overall interdepartmental communication.


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