Refurbishment Nieuwe Kerk Zierikzee

by Chris Woltjes on September 9, 2013

Following a design by GROUP A, the internal refurbishment of the Nieuwe Kerk in Zierikzee has recently started. Timber floors and part of the church benches were removed, and both the pulpit and the organ have been wrapped up. Main objective of the interior rejuvenation is to improve the church facilities for hosting cultural events, concerts and church services.

Photo: Omroep Zeeland Photo: Omroep Zeeland


Refurbishing the Nieuwe Kerk with relatively simple means, has from the start been key to the enhancement of the curch’s status within the community of Zierikzee and the wider region. Slender engineered draft lobbies either side of the centrally positioned multifunctional ‘furniture piece’, allow the monumental doors to remain open unaffected. Historic features such as the organ and pulpit will be retained as a strong reference to the original use of the building.

groupa | nieuwe kerk Zierikzee | ontwerp Image: GROUP A


The site of the present Nieuwe Kerk, used to be the location of a former large cathedral that burned down in 1832. Since 1977 the church has been run by the ‘Foundation for Ancient Churches Zeeland’, which provided the funds to have the church renovated and restored during the years 1978-1988 and 2011-2012.

All refurbishment works will be completed end 2013.

The movie of Blokvier Media shows start construction refurbishment Nieuwe Kerk Zierikzee.

Omroep Zeeland also made a nice report about the renovation of the Nieuwe Kerk Zierikzee, including an interview with Chris Woltjes of GROUP A.

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