GROUP A reinstated key monumental elements in ‘De Schelde’

by Janneke van der Velden on January 12, 2015

groupa_de schelde vlissingen_exterieur‘De Schelde’ office building, a gorgeous listed monument dating back to 1913, was recently renovated and refurbished. The project was commissioned by Royal Schelde for Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding. The total Damen premises, situated on the waterfront in Vlissingen, consists of the monumental ‘De Schelde’ building, a 1980s office building located behind it, and a connecting section. GROUP A, in collaboration with Cordeel, took on the renovation and refurbishment of the ground floor and the historic atrium of ‘De Schelde’.

groupa_de schelde vlissingen_atriumThe original design for this head-office was based on the architectural language of the American industrial design principles combined with predominantly European detailing. The last round of renovations in the 1980s had left a distinctive stamp on the building’s style and atmosphere. The general impression was grey, closed and dated.

groupa_de schelde vlissingen_atrium 2GROUP A reinstated key monumental elements, such as; the spacious entrance hall, the circular stairway and impressive atrium roof by removing later additions. In the design, we took the untouched historic interior elements as starting point for creating a strikingly impressive atrium.

groupa_de schelde vlissingen_reception deskThe atrium offers visitors an impressive yet accessible welcome, including a high-quality reception desk and furniture for the wait-and-read area. The shapes and materials used here reference yachts and luxury ship interiors.

groupa_de schelde vlissingen_restaurantA defining aspect of the design is the balanced union between the classic atrium and the modern restaurant and presentation room. The ochre shades and black highlights are consistently present.

groupa_de schelde vlissingen_entrance employeesGROUP A replaced the connecting building with a new stairwell and elevated roof, connecting all the floors of the two buildings more effectively.

groupa_de schelde vlissingen_staircaseThe expressive steel staircase references the steel hulls of the navy ships that Damen builds and develops.

The refurbishment has given Damen a representative, modern and transparent work environment where employees can mingle in a relaxed setting again. This approach is appropriate for a company with such a rich history and shining future.

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