Start construction WC Terwijde Leidsche Rijn

by Chris Woltjes on April 16, 2013

April 4th marked the start of construction for the shopping centre as part of the district Terwijde situated to the west of the city of Utrecht. By constructing this shopping centre the district gains a much anticipated array of shops and houses.

groupa-start construction wc terwijde

Seven building blocks together form a longitudinal scenic walk. GROUP A has designed three of the building blocks within WC Terwijde for the clients Bouwfonds ASR and MAB development. Other blocks within WC Terwijde have been designed by Wingerder Hovenier Architects and Dana Ponec Architects.


Block H, at the start of the scenic walk near the train station consists of a plinth of shops with three floors of apartments on top. Block FI, situated at the east side of the shopping centre, similarly consists of a shopping plinth with three layers of apartments. Block FII has been designed as a separate shopping pavilion. Together with the historic farm it forms an exception in the urban plan.

groupa_wc terwijde_block H

Completion will be in 2014.

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