Offices’ trip GROUP A & Bekkering Adams

by Chris Woltjes on June 6, 2013

Contemporary architecture in a rural-landscape setting was the loose fitting theme of the office excursion of friday may 13th.

GROUP A | excursion | MCE

While the new headquarters for Tennet lies in the lusciously forrested area Mariendaal just outside the city of Arnhem, the new School CEC lies in the small town of De Bilt. Both projects however deal with landscape and bring outside in and let users experience inside out. The rounded square of MCE Mariendaal is slightly elevated on one side to let the surrounding landscape enter the pristine inner courtyard, experiencing the two worlds from the office floors is quite a spectacle, looking at the one side directly into the crowns of the oak trees and on the other side onto the inner garden and rhythmically proportioned inner facade. CEC is a landscape in itself with its multitude of different users all sharing the same intriguingly complex building layout.

GROUP A | excursion | CEC de Bilt

The tour went on to visit the Bloemershof, again a landscaped combination of three different programmes, a school for special education, a firestation and a gym. These functions allow for the landscape to flow in between the different parts of the building where this landscape is gratefully used by soccer playing children viewed upon by firemen and women relaxing on their bar-terrace. Our lunch was graciously prepared by the schoolchildren themselves making this excursion a long but fruitful journey from theĀ  imagined projects at our desks into the real.

GROUP A_excursie_bloemershof

GROUP A_excursie_005

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