by Lolke Ket on February 4, 2016


After moving the days before Christmas, we have started work in our new offices in the Keilepand beginning January 2016. With the basic interior elements up and running, the space proofs to be an exciting and above all inspiring working environment. The rich interplay between natural daylight, lighting, ambiance defining trees, and the interaction stimulating coffee-buffet-kitchen-work bar, are here the key ingredients.



Last week we’ve started the first edition of our ‘Last Friday of the Month event’ initiative; a regular happening in our offices providing a platform for interested people to meet and interact, enjoying and participating in lectures, presentations and workshops, amongst other programming. The official launch to this was done by Luuk Prevaes, representing Stadshavens. He also seized the opportunity to welcome and congratulate GROUP A, Bekkering Adams Architects and our latest co-tenant De Urbanisten, for their recent settlement in the M4H area.



Please continue to watch this blog-space for further updates on both our office, as well as the latest on programming of the ‘Last Friday of the Month event’.

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