GROUP A’s drawing adventure of the Metro Oostlijn

by Chris Woltjes on November 11, 2010

The drawing as representation of the real is the architect’s instrument of communication. Currently we are working on the renovation of the Metro Oostlijn. The metro line was built in the 1970-ies of the last century. As a starting point we are redrawing the existing situation in autocad. This means digitalising the drawings made in the 1970-ies. We have collected over 5000 drawings from the archives of the Metro line’s manager. 


It has become an adventure, diving into these beautiful drawings from before the commonplace use of the computer. The connection between draftsman and drawing was a purely physical one. All lines were drawn in graphite and carefully traced in black ink. Hatches were painstakingly cut out from transparent dotted foil.

Metro Oostlijn drawing 70ies

A mistake in graphite was easily remedied with eraser. Mistakes in ink had to be scratched out with surgical blades. Today we put the architecture of the Oostlijn into the computer, to the millimeter. This means really divng into the old drawings, living and breathing the draftsmen’s means of measuring, and depiction of design.

It is very special to work with this vast amount of original drawings, this adventure is almost over, where we almost became the draftsmen of the 1970-ies. The satisfaction remains, of making beatiful drawings.

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Alessandro Bua November 18, 2010 at 11:04 am

check Peter cook’s “Drawing: the motive force of architecture”, nice and short walkthrough the evolution of architectural tools for representation in the contemporary age


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